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Fat Face

Lifestyle clothing and accessory retailer

Audit and awareness training - looking at how to deliver the best customer experience

National lifestyle clothing and accessory retailer, Fat face, describe a passion for their customers being at the heart of what they do. They believe it’s not simply enough to satisfy their customers, wanting to delight them and give them a fantastic experience - they want to go the extra mile to deliver exceptional service.

The store managers of Harrogate asked Opening Minds to support them to ensure all their customers are welcomed and receive an excellent service experience. With this in mind they asked us to audit their store, looking at physical access as well as how staff responded to a range of different customers.

The process

Opening Minds interviewed Fat Face staff about their knowledge and experience on disability matters and what they felt would help them to provide everyone with an excellent customer experience. This information enabled Opening Minds to provide a Disability Awareness Training programme to improve the team’s knowledge and develop their learning. It was clear that the team felt unsure and unconfident about how to best serve disabled customers.

The team enjoyed training led by experts with lived experience of disability who shared with them top tips around how to improve the accessibility of their store and described a range of customer service approaches to make everyone feel welcome.

The question and answer session gave the team the opportunity to ask questions and be thoughtful about things they never dare ask about!

The Feedback

“The training was amazing.”

“I feel so much more confident about serving disabled customers having met our trainers and being given permission to ask those things I always thought I shouldn’t ask. It was really fun and informative.”

“This training has given me so much more confidence in serving all our customers. Before I didn’t always know how to handle certain situations. The trainers gave us great tips. I think if you get it right for disabled customers you get it right for everyone.”

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Harrogate High

Celebrating difference

Fitting in is one of the greatest challenges of anyone’s time at high school, and it’s what most young people seek to achieve. At 11 years old children are looking for things they have in common with other people, trying to make friends, be cool, be part of the right group. However, sometimes people can’t help but stand out; because they are physically different, or because they behave differently from other people. We worked with Harrogate High to address those feelings of exclusion and separation. We worked with Year Seven students to look at what unites us rather than divides us.

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