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Project accessible Harrogate is launched! Clare

Here at Opening Minds it’s all about access and inclusion. We want everyone to be able to go out and about in their local community and feel confident that they can access the places they want to visit. In partnership with Change Mobility ( we are spending some time looking at how accessible our local community in Harrogate is.

We started by putting together some points for consideration to ensure a standardised approach. We have focussed on areas from accessibility of an organisation’s website to what the physical access into and around the building is like; what type of lighting and music is in the building, and of huge importance how good is the customer service?

Starting with Gino D’Campo’s new Harrogate restaurant, WHSmith and Specsavers, we have been broad in our approach because we recognise that access auditing isn’t just about leisure activities and relaxation (although these are of course important!)

We are committed to celebrating the positives and supporting with improvements, so please spread the word that although our audit may identify some challenges this is about encouraging and enhancing services that are out there to ensure they are inclusive for all customers.

Each organisation will receive a report about our experiences and the information about access will be published in an online access directory in 2018. Keep following our progress in our blogs to see where we have been.

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