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Graduation is here! Jo

What is a disability? How should I talk to someone who is disabled? What is an invisible disability?
Just some of the questions people have (but don’t always dare ask) around the whole subject of disability. What better way to learn these answers and much more than to hear from someone with lived experience of disability?

Over the last 8 months Opening Minds Training and Consultancy Ltd has been running ‘Confident Conversations’; a project supporting 10 disabled people to share their stories, and grow in confidence when speaking publicly. We have spoken to healthcare teams; social care teams, schools, businesses and the county council to name but a few.

March 28th 2018 6pm-8.30pm sees the graduation from Confident Conversations, and gives people an opportunity to see some of our amazing achievements; hear about the challenges and the triumphs, share in our success and learn about what we can all do to include everyone in our communities.

We invite you to come and meet us and look forward to welcoming you.

To find out more about Opening Minds and Confident Conversations or to join our graduation guest list email, visit or ring 01423 561119.

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